Ateliers de Pratiques Artistiques Adaptées

"Pour Toujours" - short film

The programs are adapted to all forms of disability.
Plastic arts, performing arts or cinematographic arts are prepared in consultation with the supervisors, beforehand.
The activities are led by a professional artist who offers
a privileged relationship designed to give the participants the confidence to create art, based on the universes and
of collective imaginations.

Each intervention is "tailor-made" to meet the needs of each type of structure. 

Workshops take place either in Vernon or at your home, anywhere in France, French-speaking countries and Europe.

All constraints are new frameworks for imagining and creating differently.

structures we work with:

  • Association La Source
  • Association Medico-Social St Martin, Etrépagny
  • APEER, Tilly
  • Day Hospital, Vernon
  • Clinique des Portes de l'Eure, Vernon
  • Association HEVEA VPA 95, Cergy-Pontoise
  • MECS St Vincent de Paul, Biarritz