Social coaching - individual and collective development


We offer acting sessions: acting on stage and on screen.
for :

- Long-term unemployed
- RSA beneficiary
- Person with a disability, visible or otherwise.

Certain profiles of the public, sometimes victims of discrimination of all kinds, also need support with mediation through theater or spontaneous cinema. Introducing oneself, representing oneself and being represented are essential to (re)taking control of one's own personal, social and professional representation.

Backed by solid experience in the worlds of the stage, image and social work, our proposed actions are tools to be experimented with during group sessions that bring together all profiles and ages of those seeking a "personal rebound", a space for socialization and representation.

The sessions offer work sequences on formats adapted to the development of :

  • The job search
  • Motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • The relationship with the group and the power of group interaction