The " e-Handi Tour " project thus aims to foster inclusion and innovation, by orchestrating interactive meetings
in France and Luxembourg to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue
on best practices, the latest technologies
and learning methods.
Round Tables: Inclusion and Innovation, in France and Luxembourg to:
Exchange and disseminate initiatives and strategies that promote the well-being and professional inclusion
of people with disabilitiesand dependencyneeds.
Weave a support network between PSDH, professionals and caregivers.

A guide of recommendations and best practices will be published at the end of 2024 on the project's dedicated website
and will be introduced at the closing conference in France, in collaboration with EPNAK, APF France handicap and others.

The project partners are committed to raising collective awareness of the importance of inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities, with
playing a key role in improving overall understanding of the issues surrounding the autonomy and well-being of people with disabilities.