We are working on a program of artistic mediation in favor of mental health for families.

This responds to one of Europe's public health priorities, by promoting intergenerational communication.

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                                                                                     Project objectives and presentation  

Parents have a central role to play in their children's upbringing and development. As primary educators and caregivers, if tailored, family-centered educational interventions are designed to promote positive mental health, parents can play a leading role in protecting their own mental health and promoting positive mental health in their children.
The central message of the TAMUS project is that "Talking about it makes us stronger". Through the family learning approach, the intention is to help European families improve their knowledge and awareness of mental health issues affecting a family member, but also to develop alternative communication strategies to invite young people and adults in the family to open up and talk about their feelings through dramatic fiction.
Compagnie du Nouveau Monde will integrate creative and artistic activities into the Tamus program for parents, helping them to use art and creative methods to get family members to communicate differently.
It will also support healthcare professionals, childcare workers and caregivers.

As such, the main aims of the project are to help European families tackle mental health problems at source within the family unit; and to support parents in their role as facilitators of family learning. Parents will be supported to engage their youngest and oldest family members in discussing their mental health. This responds specifically to the first priority chosen - promoting learning among all citizens and all generations. Another objective is to help community adult educators update their digital and pedagogical skills to deliver the family learning program developed by TAMUS. In this respect, the project responds to the second priority identified: improving educators' skills.

To put these objectives into practice :

The creative and artistic practices of the Tamus program are developed by Compagnie du Nouveau Monde to encourage family members to talk about mental health. They include self-assessment tools.

Dedicated workshops for families and professionals will be offered from 2024 onwards.

This project is supported by the European program Erasmus +.

For more information, visit the Tamus website: https://tamusproject.eu/fr/

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