discovering the new world

is a play by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
It depicts the landing of Christopher Columbus on the New World.
A rereading of history, which proposes the meeting of two worlds
from the angle of liberty, equality and fraternity.
An idealized vision, set to music by Rousseau, who was also a composer.
Produced as part of the celebrations marking the bicentenary of the French Revolution, it was the subject of a dramatic creation-training workshop in Guadeloupe,
at the Centre des Arts de Pointe à Pître.
It was also presented at the Festival de Buttes Montmartre -Paris.

The piece thus gave its name to the company.

Author and composer:
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Clément Révérend, Carla Andipatin

stage direction:
Clément Révérend

Carla Andipatin
Cyliane Guy
Pierre Saintonge

Franck Bostffocher

Béatrice Laure

Office municipal de la culture
Centre des Arts de Pointe à Pitre
Mission du bicentenaire
Festival de la butte Montmartre 1989