It's a show imagined by Clément Révérend.
Inspired by the Grimm brothers' tale "The Bremen Musicians", his free adaptation tells the story not of the meeting of four animal musicians, but of four artists: a dancer, a painter, a musician and a playwright.
It's a pretext for bringing the arts together, hence the title "les articulteurs", the author's neologism for "those who cultivate the arts". The characters discover that they can indulge in all artistic practices, interweaving them.
A sort of foreshadowing of what many artists claim today, i.e. to define themselves as "versatile artists".

on stage:

Christelle Guyot
Christine Quéméner
Jean-Luc Mimaut
Clément Révérend

year of creation 1999
in residence at Espace Philippe Auguste, Vernon (Eure)