Mental health; just health! 

Do mental, psychic, psychological, physical, physiological (and other) disorders, failures or deficiencies sometimes go together, or not always, or even never?

If the question of Health is at the heart of a human civilization, since the species is still on earth, its prognosis-diagnosis is of course still essential to follow very, very closely.

The evolution of our living environments, in the broadest sense of the term, is inevitably responsible, particularly in view of the visible, planetary observations, and through what the media constantly relay.

The remedies, so to speak: remedy by seeking health in a contemporary art of living of yesterday and tomorrow, respectful, virtuous and audacious, apart of course from any dirty, exuberant, inappropriate, immodest, usurping or even tasteless material exaggeration.

Our true luxury is the fruit and seeds of all the knowledge, discoveries, cultural and scientific heritages, successes, mistakes, accidents and plagues that humans (or inhumans), that humanity carries within itself...these experiences lived, passed on and still living.
Hasn't the time finally come to remember that there is a new, generous human creativity, exclusively dedicated to nature on earth?

While drama and tragedy have accompanied mankind since the dawn of time, as has theater, we're looking to illuminate, make intelligible, beautiful, magical and poetic everything that can save us and protect us from all the traps, hidden or otherwise, of our current existences.


And to do this, we need to open our eyes and ears to beautiful utopias, and our most beautiful dreams.

The human of tomorrow?

Couldn't an economy of body and mind be envisaged in a genuine form of "free sharing of knowledge and its application"?


We could bring together all our experience, our achievements and our forgetfulness for a common goal of well-being and being well.

And when we can't achieve this wellbeing, turn everything that leaves us suffering into a joyful sharing, through the expression of artistic creation?

A song, a story, a dance, a fresco and a party...

Festivals and artistic events?

If health isn't always a "well being", then theater too, as form, content and message, suffers, as the two work in concert, each on one side of the mirror and the other on the other.

If we took more time to experiment, and to give the quest for good health a real place in our lives, to this art of living...

But what is this art of living?

Living with art means (re)constructing life in its aesthetic, singular and creative dimension.

Space-time that encourages the acquisition of a form of plasticity for the body, emotions and cognition has a place to invest in places of learning, training and schools of life.

Strengths and weaknesses are the driving force behind life dynamics, a variable form of vital health, but also a source of self-reflection, inspiration and expression. Let's work on living with the meteorology of our souls, which speak to us.

Myths, legends and truths?

Let's be inventive: let's (re)invent our real future history, let's represent it, be it fictional, utopian and ideal or tragic, to enable it to escape fear and ward it off. Do we need to extract this fear from a negative, toxic representation?

Remaining critical, positive and humorous means integrating a form of collective health contract through communication, distance (not physical distance) and observation...

The spontaneous theater of life and the stage, walking, eating healthy and delicious food, expressing the world through all the arts, are new modes of expression in our daily lives, to be favored, and on which we must rely to breathe a happier life.

But all this is what we've never really stopped doing, despite the fury of the world and wars of all kinds.

But above all, to end on a healthy note, let's learn to communicate, interact and co-exist with the "big AI" (Artificial Intelligence)! otherwise we risk totally losing both our senses and our emotions.


Clément Révérend

Terra Somnia